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Company and Individual Exploration 1

Bird Box Studio London based, who pride themselves on creative perfectly timed works to get that laugh every time it's watched, always striving to create an original exciting film/short/commercial they want these to be remembered in years to come.

Talking about commercials 'Dinner' is one of my favourites, makes me laugh every time I watch it (Which they intend), having dogs myself I completely relate they've hit it right on the nose with his one.

In relation to my own work, I too want to create a simple yet effective way of working that wants to be re-watched or viewed again and again.

Company and Individual Exploration 2

Oliver Jeffers a very modest figurative painter and illustrator Based in Brooklyn, New York, one of my favourite Illustrators to follow and collect his picture-books. With his books translated into over 30 languages

Oliver also collaborated with Studio AKA on his second book Lost and Found developing it into an animated short which received over sixty awards including a BAFTA for best Animated Short Film, Many of his over books have won awards for their outstanding illustrations.

In relation to my own work, It's defiantly a style that has inspired me. I wish to go onto to creating my own selection of children's books that are cherished by all ages. 

Company and Individual Exploration3

 Anita Jeram an established greetings card artist now dabbles in a variety of new projects, including ceramic designs and figurines.  

She has also written and illustrated many picture-books for example a popular choice, and perhaps well known ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ (1994), although this one was written by Sam McBratney.  Anita is a extremely talented artist, the use of watercolours within her work is astonishing. 

Written and Illustrated by Anita Jeram

Illustrated by Anita Jeram

In relation to my own work, Anita's love of drawing animals and nature are much like my own, I too one day hope to created much loved and remembered picture-books, with my ceramics background and love a clay I would hope to bring my illustrations through onto ceramic pieces much like Anita. What an inspiration!

Company and Individual Exploration 4
Adam Larkum

 Adam Larkum has illustrated over thirty Children's books, produced Illustrations for magazines in the States and in the UK and has mad character designs, directed and animated for a few leading brands. Below are a few or his works.

Different, Stylistic.

Using Illustration within a real environment.

I adore these... What beautiful use of colour and style. 

Company and Individual Exploration 5

Natalie Kilany

Natalie Kilany is a UK based Children's Illustrator, she is known for having a contemporary style, achieved from the use of traditional mediums such as watercolour and pencil. working for a number of clients, such as Volkswagen. Natalie has also completed a delightful poetry book so named, 'Mind The Gap' by Roger Mcgough and for Harper Collins.

I find that I'm drawn to like Natalie's style of drawing because I find it's much like Oliver Jeffers, 

3/04/14- Ignore the white border. 

Okay, here we are. So business module part 1 entails a CV, Cover Letter, a Business card and an Ultimate Image. All of the work within this part of the module had to match, as we are creating our own brand so to speak.

I started with The Ultimate Image- This is a image that really explains who you are, what you're about and what you produce as a whole, in keeping within a strict idea I felt was the wrong way to go about designing this image, the idea wasn't really an idea... it's me, so I needed to let the drawing flow onto the paper and go from there.

So my original idea was something like this [above], I didn't go ahead with this as it was too much of me and not enough of my work. 

So ended up with something like this. [below]

This was an aright idea but...
It needed just that little bit more.
I wanted to achieve something organic, naturistic [If that's a word, but hopefully you understand what I mean by this] and fresh. I went on to developing this in colour, this is how it came out....[below]

Although I'm happy with the final piece, I would definitely  go on to recolouring and developing this further to really get the feeling I wanted from this image. I wanted to make the hair lead up and create the feeling of trees and branches, I don't feel I achieved this as well, I will definitely be completing this to get the finish I wanted. 

Within the making of this image we needed to understand a Grid System and Proportions, making sure we had an obvious Hierarchy and where the point of interest will be. This I felt I understood to a certain extent, although I would much like to revisit this to fully grasp how this can be achieved to a higher standard of understanding.

Within the grid system, the eye is led to the centre,
also across the characters within the hair. the diamond
at the bottom creates space for type is the image
needed it.
Within this grid system, the eye is led up the hair
and through the image, the zigzag line is leading the
eye through the characters another way. 

Cover letter-  We had to look around for jobs of interest currently available. I hope to eventually make a name for myself and become a freelance working mainly within Children's Illustration concentrating on my style of drawing although possibly branching out with the odd animation thrown in along with other skill I've picked up throughout my life. I chose Doodle Press Ltd, as my chosen job. A company with a design team based in Lancashire who specialise within the greeting card industry who work from design and carry these out right through to the finished and polished product.

This a basic yet sophisticated finish.

With an added character, which appears on my
business card, with the opacity turned down to
quieten the image.


With the plain background [better for print], the same header and footer, with the character peering around the page.

The same as, apart from the green back colour, this
is only done to link it to the complete project/brand.

CV- This explains itself really, we've all seen them, but here's another...

This is my design CV, conforming to the same information as on my traditional CV, as well as retaining a similar look throughout.

(Address and phone number has been made private)

I enjoyed this, as all of my jobs previously haven't the need for a design CV. Keeping with certain colours and style, yet giving it a bit of simplicity. 

The Business Card- Probably the one I spent the longest thing about, as this it what really gives that first impression. I came up with a few designs, but one had to stick.
I would of like to carry the rounded corners through to my final business card, but a it goes I didn't, perhaps a thought when I get them printed.  I really liked the colour in this one, as I adore Autumn, that possibly explains why a lot of my work has nature hint to them.

(Address and phone number has been made private)

[Front] I wanted to create a nature feel, Eco-friendly (I want to get these printed on 100% recycled paper), green and loose. I really enjoyed making this, I really had to think how do I want to come across, polite, friendly, reserved/calm, yet ready to face challenges. (I hope I've executed this well)

[Back]- I wanted to keep it simple yet effective, with a slight story intended. 

Currently working on part two of the module, Upkeep of blog and design and making a website.


Currently putting together my Project, making it look pretty.[I promise this shall be posted soon].

As far as the projects within the business module go, they're are under-way...

here is a sneak peak..

Keep an eye out for finals [ish, as a piece of work is never fully complete].


So Business commenced from the 14/01/14. So far these classes are extremely interesting and helpful in the understanding of how business within animation work along with what tool we can use to put ourselves out there in a certain way. So really I should of been posting my thoughts along with any work or progress of work, unfortunately I haven't as yet but will aim to do so.

'Behind the Blog' so to speak, I've been researching companies as well as individuals that work within my desired path. As part of our module we've been asked to look into about 5 companies of interest to ourselves [or desire to hopefully work for], then identifying how they fit within the market, furthermore to give explanations into why we take a particular interest in them.

I will be furthering my research before posting this onto my blog, as I would like to finish the task, double check it iron out any creases and then I'll post it.

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