Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Coming Soon...

Coming soon to my refreshed blog will be the following; Major Project Pre-Production along with any on going work. At this moment in time I'm at the stage where I can safely say... 'I think I'm getting there', Dissertation and Pre-production; handed in, now I can proceed in furthering my ideas resulting what I hope to be a successful third year film.

The process hasn't been as quick as I'd hoped, further planing/scheduling will help putting myself on track, focusing on that end goal not perfection but an agreable state (that can then be continued until a polished look can be acomplished). What can be expected; regular post will be... well posted, with this being said I must follow through as stated.

Here is the Premise to my third year film;

A short funny simply animated film, where two children swing backwards and forwards in a playground quarrelling over either everyday life situations, or something straight out of their imagination.. It will take you on journey through the mind of a six year old.

Keep an eye out for future posts, there will be some.

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